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Tim Urbanc is the nephew of Jason Garret, the visionary who built the London Lakes fishery.  Tim was Australian fly fishing champion in 2000 and has represented Australia several times at the world championships, usually placing very highly.

Tim is “the Cormorant"..... if fish are about, he will find them and he has twenty five years’ experience fishing lakes Samuel and Big Jim to reassure you that he knows what he is talking about.

He is a professional nurse who takes every opportunity to fish. When he is not guiding, he can be found waiting in a likely spot like a shag on a rock to catch the next fish to show.

David Billing is a retired school principal who has fished the Central Highlands with Greg for decades.  He also has considerable knowledge about the so-called Western Lakes and the wilderness areas of the Central Plateau, where he regularly hikes to fish in solitude.

David’s enthusiasm for fishing and guiding bubbles over to his clients - he says he gets his greatest pleasure from seeing them catch fish…

“Knowing what to do is simple - put the right fly in the right place quickly and gently.  But doing it is not simple,” he says.


   Greg Beecroft specialises in FLY FISHING FOR TAILING TROUT


Greg Beecroft is vastly experienced, as he has fished the waters of the Central Highlands for over 50 years.  He is a passionate trout fisherman and friendly, unassuming character who has a rare ability to teach novice or experienced anglers.

Greg is a banker who has put his hand to many things, such as working with abalone divers as well as owning and running restaurants.  His fly tying is very practical, while his knowledge and ability to see fish help his clients account for many trout .

Greg has been the Head Guide at London Lakes for more than a decade, where he also manages the fishery.


Glen Cannel also is a professional nurse. He  is adept at helping novices to learn how to cast a fly line.

Glen is an exuberant, motivated and highly competitive fisherman who has been both a long term fishing companion to Tim Urbanc and a very successful guide at London Lakes for many years. He is notorious for showing up the other guides by getting his beginners catching fish before we do.....  Nevertheless, he delights in the success of all of our clients.

Glen is expert in fly fishing from boats and a fast, precise caster over long distances.