LONDON LAKES : Absolutely fabulous!  Australia’s best private wild fishery?  Both lakes Samuel and Big Jim are well-populated with fish up to 9 lbs.  Novice fly fishers often catch several wild 3lb plus fish in a day.  Fishing to tailers or surface feeders can be unbelievable.  There is the added intrigue of a system of man-made spring creeks that hold some tiger trout as well as browns. Even on the most unfavourable days, you will have chances to see and target fish. You will have to pay an access fee but you shouldn’t be disappointed.  Greg Beecroft Guiding is the only group that has access to this privately owned and managed marvel that seems to be improving with age.

LAKE KING WILLIAM is a place to visit if you want to catch your bag.  Because it teems with fish in the half to one pound range, it is open all year.  Its weedy shores are excellent for tailers if the lake is rising.  Trolling lures or blindly fishing wet and dry flies can be very productive in the right conditions.  Consequently, the water is often worked hard by other local guides. You will need a solid boat to access some of the better shores, such as the Guelph Basin.

The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches at the southern end of LAKE ST CLAIR are ideal for polaroiding trout feeding on spinners or beetles.  A connected water, ST CLAIR LAGOON, can be a hotspot if the water level isn’t too low.  These are more challenging waters, where larger, better conditioned fish mean lower catch rates.  A knowledgeable guide is recommended.  You will not catch fish in a more scenic and pristine wilderness setting.

A popular water for lure or fly fishing, BRONTE LAGOON has long been a mainstay of Tasmania’s fishery.  Many feel angling has deteriorated in recent years because of frequent drawing down for hydro purposes which is suspected of killing slow-moving aquatic life in the litoral zones, diminishing tadpoles and mayfly hatches in particular.  Nevertheless, there are times when the lagoon is superb for tailers or, in summer, polaroiding, drifting a dry fly or chasing damsel-fly feeders with a tandem rig.  Our guides often help clients to catch good bags of fish using loch-style techniques.

DEE LAGOON rewards devotees with big rainbow and brown trout.  Most are caught trolling lures or sight fishing from a boat along its heavily timbered shores.  Though there can be good dun rises in weedy bays, dry fly beetle patterns are usually the best option during the summer months.  Because the water level seldom varies, fishing is predictable, if challenging, for those  who know the Dee and visit it regularly… A boat is very useful.

LAKE ECHO is under-appreciated and under-fished, given its large population of one kilo rainbow and brown trout.  It is a very reliable fishery during the summer, when fish along the rocky edges can be sighted, stalked and fooled with neatly presented combinations of wet and dry flies.  At other phases of the season, it is reliable both for tailing trout and caddis fly feeders.  Persistent lure fishermen who know the lake also report consistent bags.

In the last few years, stockings of large Atlantic salmon and small brook trout have yielded good bags to all types of fishing during spring at Tungatinah Lagoon, Lake Binney and Bradys Lake, Trolling is popular throughout the season.  Weedy edges are hot spots.  This chain of lakes rewards fly fishermen who use polaroids to sight gum beetle or jassid feeders from vantage points such as boats and logs.

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Extending across the centre of Tasmania is a maze of streams and lakes that promise wonderful angling.  Some comments about places to which we regularly guide our clients are provided below.  We also are experienced in taking hiking trips to remote waters on the Central Plateau that are seldom fished.  If you want to back pack to secret favourites such as the tarn pictured opposite, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.